Roof Service and Maintenance

Why Roof Evaluation & Maintenance is Important

Roof systems need to be managed and maintained in order to gain the greatest return on the roofing investment. The longer existing roofing systems remain functional (with an appropriate level of maintenance expense), the greater the return on the investment.

A proper understanding of the current conditions of the roof system will aid in determining a course of action for future roofing expenditures. After completing a comprehensive Roof Evaluation, Skyline Roofing can provide a report containing the following:


  • Inventory of roof
  • Condition report, including photos, for each roof section to include a visual inspection and test cuts for determination of roof composition and the identification of details and roof defects
  • A drawing of the roof plan indicating the different roof section and location of recommended repairs
  • Budget report broken down into priorities: Immediate needs, short-term future needs, long-term future needs
  • Estimated replacement cost
  • Recommendations for future inspections/maintenance program


Roof repair example

Roof maintenance should be an ongoing program that starts the day the roof is installed, which gives you a view of the roof in its best condition and provides a reference for future comparison. A Skyline Service Agreement is a convenient way to manage roof maintenance and offers several benefits such as regular inspections, the implementation of an emergency response plan, and the proactive identification of potential problems.

In most cases, a properly installed and maintained roof constructed with high-quality products should last beyond the specified warranty period. Click here to contact us about our service and maintenance options.

Roof Inspection and Repair



  • To provide Clients with a sustained, pro-active means of determining the current conditions of the roof(s), provide light repair and preventive maintenance on a regular basis and identify potential problems.
  • To advise Clients of any possible future needs not covered under the scope of work of the Inspection and Maintenance Program.
  • To maintain a new roof in its best possible condition.


Roofer examining roof for repair


  • Informs Clients of current conditions and any potential problems so that they can establish budgetary measures to manage roofing expenditures in a pro-active, rather than reactive, fashion.
  • Regular inspections and maintenance greatly reduce the risk of a roof failure (which often results in more costly damage to the building’s exterior veneer, interior finishes, contents and operations).
  • Insures compliance with manufacturer’s warranties on new roof installations.
  • Insures compliance with Factory Mutual standards and provides dated, professional, third-party documentation of roof condition and maintenance performed.
  • Insures maximum roof lifespan.

How it Works:

  • A Roof Evaluation is performed to establish the Roof Area(s) to be included in Roofing Inspection and Maintenance Program Agreement. A description and a drawing are made of that area(s). During the Evaluation, the roof’s Current Condition is evaluated and a Current Condition Report is produced. This Report contains a list of the items inspected and their current conditions. The Report contains a section of Recommendations for any maintenance and/or repairs that are needed. Recommendations are classified as “Needs Attention”, “Critical” or “Emergency”. Estimates for correction of these items are provided in the Report.
  • A Proposal for Roof Inspection and Maintenance Program is generated based on the Client’s roof type, needs and the Evaluation. The Proposal includes recommended performance frequency, checklist for inspection and maintenance items, Program Cost, duration and renewal terms. General Terms and Conditions are also provided in the Proposal. A sample Program Agreement is provided for review by the Client.
  • Skyline Roofing will meet with the Client to review the Proposal, answer questions and modify the proposal, if needed. Upon Client approval of the Proposal, the Roof Inspection and Maintenance Program begins.


Roof Service

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