This Skyline project is a case study on working in collaboration with many other contractors to complete a beautiful roofing project on an amazing new home in Rockingham, Virginia. Skyline Roofing worked side-by-side with a local custom home builder, Lough Brothers Construction, to make this homeowner’s dream a reality.

A New Home

The homeowner wanted to move their family from Harrisonburg, VA out to a more rural and spacious lot in Rockingham County, VA. This lot sits on the border of Rockingham and Bridgewater, VA, and as you can see, has beautiful views of the Shenandoah Valley and Blue Ridge Mountains. The pond next to the lot adds to the homes charm, serenity and amazing views!

Shingle Roof for Solar EnergyArial view of combination metal and shingle roof with solar panels on roof

When the customer contracted with Lough Brothers and Skyline Roofing, they wanted a modern home with a combination of shingle roofing and metal roofing. They want to install solar panels on a section of their new roof to take advantage of energy efficiencies. Skyline started with the installation of the most difficult portion of shingles – the section that had to support the solar panels that sit on the west facing roof on the back of the home.

Metal Roof PerimeterFront view of home with combinations metal and shingle roof system

Finally, when the home was nearing completion, Skyline installed all of the metal roofing along the perimeter of the home. Another contractor installed a different portion of shingles, resulting in a team effort that provided this homeowner the house and roof of their dreams! The combination of roofing materials provided the customer with highly efficient and durable roof that has a beautiful appearance. Skyline Roofing was proud to be a part of such a beautiful residential roof, and the pictures speak for themselves. Our roofing contractors and planners are capable of designing and building a multitude of custom roofing solutions. Contact us to get the roof of your dreams!

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