Our Qualifications and Certifications

Experience, Safety, and Reliability

We are a versatile commercial roofing company that takes pride in doing high quality and reliable work. We possess a Class A  Contractor’s License, are fully insured and bondable, and are one of only 136 firms to be awarded the Firestone Inner Circle Quality Award. See a complete list of our Metal and Single-Ply roofing system certifications below.

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Making Safety a Priority

Our commitment to Our Employees and Our Customers Starts and Ends with Safety. We firmly believe that safety is an integral part of any construction process, on an equal basis with production and quality. We have developed and implemented policies and procedures designed to increase the safety awareness of everyone associated with our roofing projects.

Skyline Roofing, Inc. has a strong commitment to conducting all of its operations in the safest manner possible. Staffed by a full-time Safety Manager, our company promotes a commitment to safety beginning with the principals of the company that is continually reinforced at all levels.

“Production is not so urgent that we cannot take time to recognize safety and necessary safe work practices.”

.71 EMR

Skyline Roofing prides itself on this commitment to safety.  Skyline’s commitment to safety has allowed us to consistently have one of the best Experience Modification Rates (EMR) in the industry with a current EMR of .71.

The national average is 1.0.

Highlights of Skyline’s Safety Program

  • Drugfree Workplace
  • Safety training for all employees
  • Required OSHA 10, First Aid/CPR/AED certification for all foremen
  • Employee safety handbooks
  • Monthly safety meetings, weekly toolbox talks, weekly job site safety checklists

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