Metal Systems

The popularity of metal roofing products has increased dramatically over the past decade, a clear sign that homeowners and builders are growing more and more aware of this product's benefits. There are many reasons for the increase in metal roofing in both commercial and residential construction. The most obvious reason is the wide variety of exciting profiles and colors that today's product offers. In addition to the aesthetic advantages, there are other benefits intrinsic to metal roofing such as ease of installation, longevity & durability, fire resistance, recyclability and energy savings. Asphalt shingles, and other traditional roof materials, absorb energy from the sun, whereas metal reflects most of the sun’s rays. This, coupled with the fact that metal cools faster, means reduced energy costs in maintaining a cool climate in the living/working space below.

Commercial Metal and Aluminum Roofing

Skyline Roofing Inc. keeps current with the newest roofing materials, technologies, and application techniques. We do this so that all of our clients will have a quality installation that will last. We only use the highest quality products from several proven manufacturers.



Skyline Roofing works directly with the property owner or with the general contractor to ensure timely installation of your commercial roof. We pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality finished product in a timeframe that meets your demands. Whether you are constructing a new building or merely taking on a re-roof project, Skyline Roofing Inc. can help you complete your project on time and on budget.



Along with commercial metal roofing, Skyline Roofing Inc. also installs exterior metal wall panels. The metal wall panel industry currently has a great deal of momentum. In an effort to be green and eco-friendly, many companies are choosing to use metal siding for their new building projects. Using more efficient and environmentally friendly wall panels are a growing trend in building design. Metal wall panels are very eco-friendly because they can be sourced locally, recycled, and have high solar reflectivity ratings which will save on heating and cooling expenses for your building. Metal wall panels also come in a variety of colors and styles and allow you to add as much or as little insulation to your building without consuming any of your wall cavity. A good example of a mixed use of metal wall panels along with metal roof panels that Skyline Roofing Inc. installed can be seen in the picture to the right of Kreider Four Seasons Equipment Inc. in Harrisonburg, VA.



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Commercial Gutters

Skyline Roofing specializes in custom made to order Commercial Guttering. Our Commercial Boxed Guttering is much heavier and stronger than straight aluminum K style guttering (the type of guttering you typically see on residential homes). This allows for the guttering to be larger and therefore carry more water off of your roof.



Commercial Boxed Guttering is also unique in that it is self-flashing. Most residential K-style guttering requires a seperate piece of flashing, which can cause leakage problems if not applied correctly. The flashing on Commercial Boxed Guttering is adhered to the roofing membrane to create a water proof bond at the edge of the gutter.



The image to the right is a close up of a Custom Commercial Boxed Guttering project that Skyline Roofing installed at Calvary Cross Link Church in Harrisonburg, VA. 


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Industrial Roofing

Skyline Roofing will handle all of your Industrial Roofing needs, from small to large manufacturing plants, industrial buildings, or warehouses. Whether your company needs a re-roof or if you are building a new industrial building, Skyline Roofing can help.



Utilizing the latest technologies in rubber membranes, we can install a quality custom roof to meet your needs within your budget and timeframe.



The picture to the right shows Route 11 Potato Chips' new building in Mount Jackson, Virginia which Skyline Roofing was commissioned to install a Versico TPO and McElroy Meridian Panel roof.



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Residential Metal Roofing

residential metal roofs

Gingerbread House in Harrisonburg, VA (top)
Private Home in Rockingham County (bottom)

Deciding on a residential roof material is one of the most important things you will do when you are building a new home or performing a re-roof on an existing home. Skyline Roofing Inc. installs shingle roofs and metal roofs alike. We will often recommend a metal roof because of the high quality of the product and the longevity it provides for a homeowner as well as the cost savings when analyzed over a long period of time.



Metal Roofing generally costs more than shingle roofing, but shingle roofs only have a lifespan of between 15 and 30 years. Metal Roofing on the other hand can last well over 50 years or more. Metal Roofs also withstand a far higher mile per hour wind than asphalt shingles. Metal Roofs are also fireproof which is not only safer but also can provide a reduced insurance premium in some cases.



If you plan on being in your home for a long period of time, we definitely recommend you install a metal roof. While it may be more expensive up front, the long term cost is cheaper than shingles. A metal roof will provide you with a unique look and set your house apart ensuring pride in the place you call home.



And don't worry about your metal roof looking like a commercial building. There are various types of metal roof colors and compositions. A great example of a unique metal roof is in the example pictured here. This red roof is a metal re-roof project that Skyline Roofing Inc. installed on the Gingerbread House in Harrisonburg, VA using a combination of ATAS Techo Tile & Dutch Seam.



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Skyline Roofing Inc. carefully selects the right metal(s) for your individual project from several of our national vendors. Click on the manufacturer logo that you wish to learn more about and visit their website.