Testimonials of Our Work

Barry Kelley, developer of Urban Exchange in downtown Harrisonburg says Skyline Roofing can tackle jobs of any size.

Small projects to quite large projects, like at the Urban Exchange. Shingle Roofing, metal roofing, as well as where you have shingle roofing tied into flat roofing areas they have the knowledge and expertise to deal with that difficult transition. Homeowners can certainly benefit from their knowledge and expertise and various aspects of roofing from flat roofs, rubber roofs, TPO roofs, metal roofs. They have experience in all of those different fields. Any small builder or contractor would be a good client for Sklyine Roofing as well as the bigger developers in and around the western part of the state.

Barry Kelley, CEO of Matchbox Realty

Hans Harman of Velocity Property Group discusses going green with the help of Skyline Roofing:

Dennis and the folks at Skyline would have very good suggestions about surfaces that were environmentally friendly. A lot of metal roofing products as well as rubber roofing products. We refer any type of customer who is looking for an EPDM or metal roofing need. Anyone who might need a creative solution to a problem that they're having. Dennis and the folks at Skyline really have a creative flair. They are willing to look at something unique. They're knowledge about building systems can really add a lot to a project's overall end result.

Hans Harman, President of Velocity Property Group

Ken Patterson of D K Patterson Construction talks about who he'd refer to Skyline Roofing:

Anyone that has a roofing problem or has a roofing need. Whether it's a standing seam roof, a rubber roof, a built up roof. They're truly professionals in every sense of the word. That's why we use them. And we find them to be very professional, they're easy to get along with, they coordinate the job well and they provide us great pricing. We're extremely pleased, we are a repeat customer, and we'll continue doing business with them. I think that says it all.

Ken Patterson, Owner of D K Patterson Construction

Homeowners and businesses are turning to Skyline Roofing. Here's Jerry Martin, assistant Fire Chief with the Bridgewater Volunteer Fire Company on why they chose roofing from Skyline Roofing:

We went with a metal roof because it carried a 40 year finished warranty and it's virtually maintenance free. Skyline Roofing, they've got a reputation for doing quality work and we wanted to keep the work local. I would recommend Skyline Roofing to anybody that needed a roof put on any type of building. The experience we had with Skyline Roofing was amazing from the foremans down to the laborers they were very professional, clean and orderly. Working with those guys was absolutely phenomal. The quality of work stands out. It looks good from any angle.

Jerry Martin, Assistant Fire Chief, Bridgewater Volunteer Fire Company