img 5th Street Station Charlottesville, VA - Retail Membrane Roof System
img RdV Vineyards Delaplane, VA - Metal Roof System
img Bluestone Orthodontics Harrisonburg, VA - Metal Roof System
imgHostetter House Broadway, VA - Residential Roof
img Dick's Sporting Goods Harrisonburg, VA - Retail Store Membrane Roof
img Urban Exchange Harrisonburg, VA - Apartment Building Metal Roof System
img Deliver Agent Crozet, VA - Commercial Membrane Roof System
img Luxor Office Park Charlottesville, VA - Office complex Metal Roof System
img Food Lion Charlottesville, VA - Store membrane roof system
img Bowman Andros Mt. Jackson, VA - Commercial membrane roof system


With decades of collective experience and backgrounds in all types of roofing, Skyline Roofing Inc. has the qualifications necessary to tackle any roofing project.

Why our roofers are unique

“What makes this company unique,” says owner, Dennis Wenger “is the tremendous bandwidth of experience our staff possesses. Our employees are truly the most important asset we have. Their wide range of expertise enables us to perform all kinds of roofing work safely, efficiently and affordably.” From the office staff to our field supervisors and technicians, Quality and Cooperation guide our every move, be it communication through problem solving and planning phases, to field operations, client interaction and service after the job is done. As a result, our Virginia roofing clients include General Contractors, Commercial Property Managers, Industrial Facilities, Government & Municipalities, Private Businesses and Home Owners. See testimonials on our roofing services.

Our Roofing Services

At Skyline Roofing Inc., we provide complete roofing services in the Rockingham County area, as well as Charlottesville and Staunton. See our full portfolio of projects in Virginia Residential and Commercial/Industrial. Our services include budgeting & bidding services and warranty options to help our Clients find the right roofing solution for their goals and budget. From new construction to re-roof, flat roofs or pitched, tried and true products to cutting edge Green Building Systems, Skyline Roofing Inc. can help you with all phases of your roofing needs. We offer Roof Inspection and Maintenance for any project you need. In addition to having over 30 years of experience with Single-Ply Membrane Roof Installation Skyline Roofing is Firestone and Versico roof application certified. Metal Roofing Systems are one of the fastest roof solutions for its many benefits, our experts have the knowledge to design and build a metal roof solution that will capitalize most of the benefits. 

Quick Portfolio

5th Street Station

Skyline Roofing - Roof installation at Dick's in Charlottesville, VA

Shamrock Farms

Skyline Roofing - Roof installation at Shamrock Farms in Augusta County, VA

Belk at The Valley Mall

Skyline Roofing - Roof installation at Belks in Harrisonburg, VA

Bowman Andros

Skyline Roofing - Roof installation at Bowman Andros in Mt. Jackson, VA


Skyline Roofing installed 60-mil fully adhered EPDM, ATAS Metal Roof Panels, Commercial Custom Gutters, and a “Green Roof” courtyard with plants and pavers on the Urban Exchange Building in downtown Harrisonburg, VA.


Skyline Roofing installed the roof of Bluestone Orthodontics office in Harrisonburg, VA using ATAS Dutch Seam and Radius Batten Panel to give the building a classic but sturdy look.


Skyline Roofing installed an ATAS field lock, mechanically seamed metal roof on the gorgeous RdV Vineyards in Delaplane, VA.


Skyline Roofing installed a combination of ATAS Techo Tile and Dutch Seam on the Gingerbread House in Harrisonburg, VA.


Skyline Roofing installed ATAS Roof and Wall Panels, Dutch Seam, and Rigid Wall Panels on the Wolfe(e) Modern Townhome project in downtown Harrisonburg, VA for Velocity Property Group.

865 EAST

Skyline Roofing used McElroy multi-rib metal panels and Versico TPO on the roof of 865 East in Harrisonburg, VA. Hanover Pavers were also installed in order to make the roof lounge at 865 East a reality.


Skyline Roofing installed a MBCI Lockseam interlock panel and custom gutters on the City Exchange roof, helping to restore a vitally historic building in downtown Harrisonburg, VA.


To help restore Union Station, which is in the old Whetsel’s Seed building in downtown Harrisonburg, VA, Skyline Roofing installed ABC SL-12 Roof Panel, ABC-5V Crimp Wall Panel, and Firestone 060 MIL EPDM single ply membrane.


Skyline Roofing helped create this beautiful home by installing ABC SL-16 Metal Roof Panels.

Firestone Master Contractor logo
Firestone Building Products Company, LLC, a leading manufacturer and supplier of a comprehensive "Roots to Rooftops" product portfolio, presented Skyline Roofing, Inc. with the 2017 Master Contractor Award, a distinguished commercial roofing quality honor. From within a network of more than 3,000 Firestone Building Products Red Shield™ Licensed Roofing Contractors, the local Dayton firm is one of 251 to earn the distinction for roofing system excellence.

"At Firestone Building Products, we are dedicated to optimizing the roof and building envelope to achieve maximum facility performance. The annual Master Contractor Program recognizes top-tier firms for their high-quality workmanship and long-term roofing system performance," said Tim Dunn, president of Firestone Building Products. "Master Contractors are our best partners in the industry because of their commitment to building excellence."

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